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Products, Packages & Services

We have wide variety of products and packages such as OFF and ON GRID SYSTEM PRODUCT PACKAGE, Solar Panels, Micro Inverters and more..


How Solar PV Works?

Grid-Tied systems use PV panels to generate DC power. The DC power goes to a grid interactive (grid-tied) inverter which converts the PV panel DC power to 240 volts AC power that is compatible with the power grid.


Mission / Vision

Spread the use of Renewable Energy and help reduce carbon emission through Solar Power application.

Our Team working on the sites

What We Supply

We supply Renewable Energy componets and other LED products range such as:

  • Solar Panels (Mono & Poly-crystalline)
  • Solar Charge Controller (PWM and MPPT)
  • Combine Box for PV Array Connection
  • Inverters (Modified and Pure Sine Wave)
  • Deep Cycle Batteries
  • Solar Cable & Solar Mounting Kit
  • Solar Mobile Charger
  • Portable Solar Home Lighting
  • LED Solar Street Lighting & LED Street Light
  • LED Bulbs & LED Strip Light
  • Audio Activated Car Equalizer sticker
  • Wind Turbine
  • TRUEAC Modules

Our Projects

We aim for Philippines to be a Solar Nation.