Aquino Residence


The system is using ACPV MODULES with built-in APS Micro Inverter factory installed at the back of the Solar Panel.

Components being installed for 3.5Kwp GRID-TIE Solar PV System:

  • 14 pieces of 260 Watts Poly ACPV MODULES with built-in APS Micro Inverter at the back of Solar Panels
  • 1 set of 20KA~40KA / 385VAC Surge Protector Device for lighting
  • 2 pieces of 20A Schneider Miniature Circuit Breaker
  • 1 piece Digital Wattmeter
  • 1 piece 63A 2P Disconnect Switch
  • 1 piece 4 holes Surface Panel Board
  • 60 meters of #12 AWG THHN Cable as a home run cable for grid connection.
  • Complete set of installation materials such as Solar Panel Mounting, Aluminum Rails, Mid Clamps, End Clamps, L-Foot, MC4 connectors and other Micro Inverter cable accessories, screws, etc.
  • Complete installation and commissioning.


Components being installed for 1,000 Watts OFF-GRID as a back-Up Power

  • 4 pieces of 260 Watts Poly-Crystalline Solar Panel ( i.e. Tier 1 / Class AAA)
  • 1 unit of48 Volts / 3,000 Watts Pure Sine Wave Inverter w Battery Charger


  • 4 units of 200Ah/12V Deep Cycle Maintenance free Battery
  • 1 set 60A/48V Epsolar MPPT Solar Charge Controller ( i.e. Hybrid design)
  • 1 set of 32A DC Miniature Circuit Breaker from Solar panel to Controller
  • 1 set of 63A DC Miniature Circuit Breaker from Battery to Inverter
  • 30 meters of 4mm square solar cable from Rooftop to Controller
  • Complete sets of installation materials for Solar Panel Mounting, MC4

Connectors, Cable lugs, battery cables, etc

  • Battery Stand
  • Complete installation and commissioning.


ACPV MODULES is one of the latest technology available in the market today and comes with a 25 full years warranty for both Solar Panels and Micro Inverters.