Azares Residence


The system are using 12 pieces of 250 Watts TRUEAC MODULES with built-in Micro Inverter factory installed at the back of the Solar Panel. Product of USA with 25 full years warranty for the complete PV System.
*** 1 set of 20A 2P Schnieder MCB Unit
*** 1 set 20KA~40KA/385V Surge Protector Device
*** 1 set of 63A/2P Disconnect Switch
*** 1 set of Digital Kilowatt meter


*** 1 set of 250Watts Canadian Solar Panel
*** 1 set of 24V/1Kw Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Built-in 30A PWM Solar Charge Controller 
*** 2 sets of 100Ah/12V Deep Cycle Maintenance Free Battery
*** 2 sets of 32A/2P/500V DC MCB Switch


*** TRUEAC MODULES is one of the latest technology available in the market today. Savings in Electricity Bill between P4,500 ~ P6,000 every month. 
Average Power being generated: 400kwh ~ 495Kwhr per month.