Parrot Resort


  • 20 units of 250Watts Poly Solar Panels
  • 1 Unit 5Kw GoodWe String Type Grid Tie Inverter
  • 1 unit of 32A / 2P Schneider AC Miniature Circuit Breaker from Solar Panel to Grid Tie Inverter
  • 1 unit of 20KA~40KA/385V AC Surge Protector Device
  • 1 unit of 63A 2P Disconnect Switch
  • 100meters of 6mm square Slocable PV Cable
  • 1 piece of 3 meters long Grounding Rod
  • 1 complete set of Aluminum Solar Mounting Materials such as Aluminum railings, L-Foot, End Clamps and Mid Clamps.

The system has an estimated power being generated between 600 Kw-hr ~ 750 Kw-hr per month. With a savings between P5,000  ~ P6,000 per month.

The system is already approved for NET METERING by CEBECO.