Sepe Residence

Components for 1HP Solar Water Pump System

  • 1 set of 1HP Solar Water Pump (Sun Pumps – Made in USA)
  • 1 set Solar Water Pump Controller (Sun Pumps – Made in USA)
  • 8 pieces of 100Watts Mono Solar Panels (Sunworth)
  • 1 Unit of 63A DC Miniature Circuit Breaker
  • 1 Unit of 20KA~40KA / 385V AC Surge Protective Device
  • 1 piece of Wall Mounted 3 holes Enclosure box
  • 1 length of 5/16 inch x 6ft copper grounding rod for grounding purposes.
  • 50 meters of 6mm sq. Solar PV Cable from Solar Panel to the Controller
  • 1 set of MC4 Branch Connector for parallel connection for 2 array
  • 1 set of MC4 Connectors
  • Complete set of installation materials such as Solar Panel Mounting
    Aluminum Rails, Mid Clamps, End Clamps and L-Foot
  • Complete installation and commissioning of Solar PV system