Fuerte Residence


*** 2 pcs of 250 Watts TRUEAC Modules with built-in Micro Inverter at the back of Solar Panels. Product of USA with 25 full years warranty for the complete PV System.

*** 1 set of 20A / 2P Miniature Circuit Breaker

*** 1 set of 20KA~40KA / 385V AC Surge Protection Device

*** 1 set of Digital Voltmeter/Ammeter with active power

*** 45m of #12 AWG THHN Cable as a home run cable

*** 1 Complete set of installation materials such as Solar Panel Mounting Kits, Aluminum Rails, End Clamps, Mid Clamps, L-Foot, MC4 connectors and other Micro Inverter cable accessories, screws, etc.

Saving on electricity bill between P800~P1,000 per month.